Syllabus - Pre Nsy

Dear Parents

Education aims at making children capable of becoming responsible , productive and useful members of society. Knowledge,  Skills and attitudes are built through learning experience and opportunities created for learners in school. It is in the class rooms that learners can analyze and evaluate their experience, learn to doubt, to question, to investigate and to think independently.



1. Students absent in any examination for any reason will not be re-examined . There is no provision of Re test under any circumstances.

2. No exam is postponed or preponed from the given date under any circumstances.

3. In case of serious illness an application duly supported by a Medical certificate must be submitted on or before the day of test/examination.

4. Students suffering from any communicable disease(measles/mumps/chicken pox etc.) are allowed to take the exam in isolation with prior permission of the Principal so as to protect other students from infection.

5. Students found absent in any examination without a sanctioned leave will be considered as having failed. No retest will be conducted.

6. Absence in one or more subjects causes loss of marks/ grades in the final result  and excludes the students from being considered in the merit list/ prizes.

7. Unfair means used during examination will be dealt with strictly which includes cancellation of the paper as well as fine of Rs. 500/-

8. Final result declared at the end of the academic year is final in all respects.

9. A student whose school dues are pending will not be issued the final result card and will be debarred from promotion to next class. Parents will be responsible for any such academic loss to their ward due to non- payment of school fees/dues.


Students are to be tested as per the following details.

There will be four units

                                                                 Written Oral

UNIT I        Upto May(Unit Test in 3rd Week of May)                                       50                       50

UNIT II      July to September (Test in 2nd Week of Sept.)                            50                       50

UNIT III      October to December (Test in 2nd Week of December)          50                       50

UNIT IV       January to February( Test in 1st Week of March)                        50                       50

Minimum pass percentage is 50%

- In languages Oral of previous unit will  be added .


95-100     A1

91-94.9    A2

85-90.9    B1

81-84.9    B2

75-80.9    C1

71-74.9    C2

61-70.9    D1

50-60.9    D2