About School

A School is an alma mater of education. Education is such a treasure, the more one shares with others, the more it increases. The motto of Tagore Public School –Devotion , Light & Knowledge very aptly describes the basic purpose of education i.e. ”Education kindles the ignorant soul.” The light of knowledge along with true devotion is like the golden rays of sun which awaken us to enlighten ourselves with infinite wealth of education. The school motto is “a Lighthouse” for Tagorians to achieve knowledge with dedication and devotion. It encourages the students to gird up their loins and fill in them the light of knowledge and devotion to supersede all the hindrances that come their way to achieve perfection and ultimate goal of life.

  • Every child growing to his fullness
  • Physically and intellectually,
  • Emotionally and socially,
  • Aesthetically and spiritually
  • In an atmosphere of joy, freedom '
  • And responsibility and winning his way to life.

Education is a passport for tomorrow .The school is a place where students learn about the totality, the wholesomeness of life. True education is a process of life building, men making , assimilation of ideas.

It is the goal that Late Lala Puran Chand ji had in his mind when he established Tagore Public school in 1975. Karamyogi Lala Puran Chand had realized that salvation lay in educating the masses. In the form of Tagore Public School, Lalaji had kindled the flame to be sustained and spread. The torch is being carried further towards its destination by a group of socially oriented people who work selflessly under the name of The Ludhiana Aggarwala Co-op, H/B Society Ltd., Aggar Nagar , Ludhiana.

Under the able guidance of The Ludhiana Aggawala Co-op .H/B Society Ltd ., the school is imparting quality education to both urban and rural students. The school has made a steady progress with the passage of time. It has been showing excellent results in providing the essential infrastructure required for the grooming of future generation.

About School