Aims and Objectives

The school aims at providing an environment which is conducive for the overall development of a tiny tot into a balanced and cultured citizen. We firmly believe that this environment will help the children of today to grow with a strong sense of responsibility , discipline and self control that will give them the confidence to shape their own destinies. The aims and scope of the school are:

  1. To attain the requisite educational standard and acquire mental , moral and physical qualities essential for their progressive and continued development as citizens of the society.
  2. To obtain such basic behavioural training that will assist in developing their character, initiative , self confidence and above all qualities of leadership and management .
  3. To develop an interest in extra curricular activities , interactive skills and personal relation.
The three objectives of educational training enumerated above govern formulation of the educational programme at this campus ensuring inculcation of good habits .The stay in Tagore Public School will perhaps remain the most memorable period of students' life as here will be laid the foundation of good human being.

Aims and Objectives